I feel grateful and honored to do this work. With that in mind, please know that I’m not an “entertainment psychic”. My work doesn’t revolve around entertaining you, although you will often find yourself laughing through the tears. If I agree to do an intimate gathering in a private home, my goals for you, and yours for yourself are connection, understanding, peace and even growth.

I am an intuitive medium. This means that information comes to me in many ways, including visually and auditorily. I’m also an energy worker, so some of the issues that come up may be dealt with physically during your session or we could decide that an energy healing session should be scheduled at another time.

I welcome clients that have specific questions for specific loved ones, but ask that you keep in mind that your loved ones and Spirit Guides will give you the information that THEY know you need. This is often not what you were consciously asking or something personal that you couldn’t put into words. Just keep an open mind to what comes through.

Often readings include information regarding a life/career path or general life guidance, past lives, Akashic Records or even identification of and contact with your Spirit Guides.

Our session will be recorded and you will receive an email link of an audio file to download and reference later, should you choose to do so.

To book social gatherings (minimum of 5) – Please inquire.

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