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FAQ Page

blog_5When you visit the Parlor, I’ll take a few minutes explaining how I receive information and then we’ll start right in. I ask that you give me several moments to gather information and deliver it to you. Often the most pressing information will come at the beginning of your reading, as your Guides and loved ones will be raring to go! Once those initial messages have been given, you’re welcome to ask any questions you’d like. Questions to clarify what you’ve heard thus far or to seek guidance on another matter altogether. I invite you to keep an open mind. Often, our Guides and loved ones know what we need to hear even before we know to ask!

In order to get the most out of your appointment, we’ll complete intake forms and identify any areas of concern.

During appointments for energy work, clients remain fully dressed and either lay on a padded table or sitting comfortably in a chair. Work can be done hands on or off, based on the client’s preference.

Appointments are usually an hour long, but sometimes may take up to an hour and a half.

You’ll typically leave your appointment feeling relaxed and relieved of stress and anxiety.

To make sure you get the best reading possible, please refrain from alcohol and/or non-medically necessary drugs for 24 hours prior to your appointment.  A few days before your reading, allow thoughts of your loved ones who’ve passed to play in your mind. Reminisce and hold those memories close as it seems to help bring your loved ones closer. It can also help to talk to your loved ones who’ve passed. Keep an open mind as the one you expect or desire to speak to may not be the one that comes through the strongest. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it means that another message was needed at the time of your reading.

You may want to bring paper and pen, or perhaps a digital recording device. You’ll be required to put your cell phone in airplane mode should you choose to use it to record your reading. If you’re not using it for that purpose, please turn it off or leave it in the car. Technology often is affected by energy work of any kind.

It’s suggested that you write down questions ahead of time, so that you can focus on the reading; not on remembering your questions!